"The first book"

Reading aloud and handing over "The first book" As in previous years, the third graders of the Hundertwasser School took part in the "The first book" project last school year and diligently wrote stories. [...]

Read along! - Project

"Read along" project The 2023/2024 school year starts with a number of changes for all elementary school. Among other things, the state of NRW is encouraging elementary school to attach greater importance to reading and [...]

Jubilee Autumn Festival

Anniversary Autumn Festival On October 26, 2022 we were able to celebrate our autumn festival on the occasion of the 20th anniversary outside in the afternoon in beautiful weather. All classes and also the social pedagogical day care had come up with great stations with [...]

New school management

New school management Dear interested parties of the Hundertwasser School! After Mr. Dickers went into well-deserved retirement before the vacations and the school said goodbye to him and he to her with [...]