Current projects

Through regular membership fees as well as donations to the booster club, numerous projects can be realised or co-financed. In addition to donations, which make up a large part of the finances, the support association finances itself through the sale of lunch boxes and T-shirts with the Hundertwasser School logo. The following projects are currently supported by the booster club:

  • Financial and personnel support for the school enrolment ceremony
  • Financial support for excursions (e.g. theatre visits)
  • Financial support for the horse protection yard - Sponsorship for the horse "Stups".
  • Staff support for the school festival
  • Personnel support for the get-to-know-you afternoon

Most recently, the performance of the silhouette theatre with the play "The Wolf and the 7 Little Kids" in the Pedagogical Forum of our school was made possible by the generous assumption of costs by the Friends.

The support association also provides a platform for parents and "former parents" to exchange information.

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