Theatre in the Forum

Theatre in the Forum

On Tuesday, 12.03.2024, the Trotz-Alledem-Theater came to the Hundertwasser School to perform the play Pinocchio in the school forum. With professional sets and a surprisingly versatile stage design, the actors managed to keep the suspense going for around 60 minutes and entertain children and adults alike. All the pupils were captivated by Pinocchio and his little adventures.

Carlo Collodi's fairy tale Pinocchio is still one of the most famous children's books today. It tells the fantastic story of a wooden boy who repeatedly goes astray and, under the influence of bad friendships, is constantly tempted to skip school and chase after pleasure. His credulity and enthusiasm are exploited by unscrupulous liars and profiteers. But thanks to his good heart, Pinocchio eventually realises the error of his ways and, as a reward, wakes up one morning no longer as a wooden puppet but as a real boy who finds his way back to his father.

Thanks to the financial support of Sparkasse Gütersloh / Rietberg, this play could be financed with our funds, take place at our premises and bring the children a little closer to the world of theatre.

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