Culture and school

Culture and School - Printing Techniques with Ms Sneller


After the Hundertwasser School has already worked with the artist Yvonne Sneller in the school year 2021/22 with a lot of commitment and artistic joy in designing and building their own puppets, we are happy to have won Ms Sneller for our school in the current school year 2022/23 as well.

Thus, all pupils of the Hundertwasser School will be able to work once a week from January to March 2023 on the topic of "diverse printing techniques" and slip into the analogue world of bookbinding. We are looking forward to the individual results, which we will publish here and give you first impressions of the start of the project.

Roll the film!

Many beautiful works were created during the project. 

Ms Sneller made a beautiful film out of it.

Here you can see the film.

In the school years 2019/20 and 2020/21, the project "Culture and School" at our school dealt with the topic School Garden _ Art Outside.

In cooperation with the artist Martina Hermjohannknecht-Schulz and her "Buntspecht-Werkstatt-Kunst", a group of children from different classes have left artistic marks on the school garden of our school.

Due to Corona time, the project took 2 school years and could only be completed in summer 2021. Here you can see the fantastic results. Click on the photo to enlarge it.

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