About the project

The "Lies mit" project is a joint offer from the school inspectorates for primary schools in the Gütersloh district, the competence team, the education management and education office in the Gütersloh district, the Centre for Education and Opportunities and the Reinhard Mohn Foundation.

We are delighted that the staff at the Hundertwasser School have unanimously agreed to take part in the "Lies mit" project in the Gütersloh district in the 2023/24 school year and will take part in the training sessions with other primary schools within 18 months. The core idea of the project is the systematic promotion of reading as part of a school development project that is supported by all colleagues.

The Detailed goals are the following:

  1. All pupils taught at the same level achieve the standard range of the Salzburg reading screening in the first half of the fourth grade.
  2. Pupils with special needs at the participating school improve their reading speed by regularly taking part in reading training during their primary school years.
  3. The teachers implement the reading training in the fourth school year at the latest after the start of participation in the project.
  4. The project will be piloted with five primary schools from the coming school year. These schools applied to take part following an information and assessment event.

The structure of the offer

Teachers from the participating primary schools take part in seven modules over the course of 18 months. which cover the following topics:
Reading fluency, diagnosis and five sound reading methods: Choral reading, dice reading, tandem reading, reading with an audio book and read-aloud theatre.

Each module consists of:

  • a film, exchange on the film and planning the implementation
    in the year team
  • Implementation of the read aloud method
  • Inter-school exchange
  • Test with the Salzburg Reading Screening in a free online version
  • Discussion of the results in the year team.

If you would like more detailed information, you can find it here the film about the project:

"Read along" at the Hundertwasser school

The 2023/2024 school year starts with a number of changes for all primary schools. Among other things, the state of North Rhine-Westphalia is encouraging primary schools to prioritise reading and to incorporate mandatory reading times into the timetable. Increasing reading fluency and the ability to make sense of things as well as the joy of reading are important goals.

In the course of this, the project "Read along"which the staff at the Hundertwasser School have been enthusiastically participating in since the beginning of the school year. The project is a joint offer from the school inspectorates for primary schools in the Gütersloh district, the competence team, the education office and education management, the Centre for Digital Education and Schools and the Reinhard Mohn Foundation and includes various training modules, which are then implemented in everyday teaching and later reflected on as part of the project.

For several weeks now, the following sentence has been heard four times a week at a fixed time throughout the school building: "Let's start reading. Fingers under "..." - 3-2-1 ...". We then read together in chorus. During this 15-20 minute reading promotion time, the children try out various reading aloud methods, such as choral reading, reading cubes or reading audio books. All methods have been proven to promote reading fluency, reading comprehension and reading motivation - in other words, the basis for all education. The progress of pupils' reading skills is measured by regular testing with the Salzburg Reading Screening in an online version.

The children can hardly wait to discover and read new texts and readings and to learn about and try out other sound reading techniques.

We are excited to see what happens next! 

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