Historical pictures

Historical pictures

The historical pictures you see here are images from a small exhibition in the administration area of the Hundertwasser School. They document the history of the school building.

* The school building in 1899, on the left the classroom wing, on the right the attached teacher's flat, in front teachers Berg and Goebel with their families.
* 1910, a photo from before the First World War, after 4 classrooms were added to the left of the building.
* The school building in the 1930s

* 1952, photo of the school for the discharge pupils
* ca. 1910, postcard view of the school
* 1949, in the foreground the extension built in 1949, but it was not sufficient for the many children, so that lessons had to be held in the morning and in the afternoon.

The school photo on the right then shows the year 1929: when the photographer was announced, the best clothes were put on. The benches were placed in the middle for the photo so that all the children were in the picture. In class, the benches were placed further to the left or right.

The last photo is the school dismissal photo of the Sundern II primary school from March 1944. In the background on the left is the school's gymnasium, built in 1939.

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