The concept: impact-oriented cooperation between schools and youth welfare services

The objectives of the cooperation project "Open All-Day with a Social Pedagogical Focus" are laid down in an impact agreement between the Department of Family and Social Affairs and the SPI as the implementing agency. This impact-oriented agreement between the two contractual partners is co-signed by the headmaster of the Hundertwasser School.

 All Support services in school and all-day activities serve to build social and emotional competences as well as to stabilise the personality of the pupils of the Hundertwasser School with the aim:

The family system is capable of education 

The children are emotionally stable.

  • the children feel comfortable at school and in the open all-day programme
  • and that parents cooperate appropriately in school and open all-day activities.
  • The educational needs of 80% the pupils of the Hundertwasser School (including their parents) are covered by the services of the measure provider. Educational support in this sense is support under Book VIII of the Social Code.
  • 90% of parents whose children have already been in the social-pedagogical day care of the Open All-Day for at least 1 year, cooperate appropriately in school and all-day in the view of the school and youth welfare.
  • 90% of the children in the STB of the open all-day feel comfortable or very comfortable in school and all-day from the perspective of the school and the youth welfare services.
  • the STB's performance is regularly recorded and presented statistically 
  • as well as the additional youth welfare services provided by the Family and Social Affairs Department.
  • The assessments of teachers, social pedagogues and pupils are regularly collected.
  • An annual report is submitted by the STB on its activities, the findings on impact relationships and the degrees of achievement of the impact goals
  • a quality discussion takes place annually at management level.
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