At a glance

The basic idea of the Open All Day at the Hundertwasser School is to provide all children of the school with the best possible support in the area of their emotional and social development in a multi-professional setting.

Hundertwasser School and SPI jointly design this open all-day program. The overall concept is further developed by the social pedagogues of the open all-day and the teachers of the school together.

Social pedagogical day care offers the following services: 

  • Day structuring measures
  • Family Work 
  • Help for upbringing 
  • Participation
  • Children's Consultation Hours
  • Interest-based funding (IF)
  • Marburg concentration training


In the social pedagogical day care 54 children and their families are cared for with the high standard of STB. The 54 children are divided into four groups with a size of 12-15 children. The hours of care are Mondays to Thursdays from 12:00 to 16:00 or Fridays until 15:00. During the school vacations and on bridging days we offer reliable vacation care.

The team of the Social Pedagogical Day Care consists of social pedagogues, social workers, educational scientists, educators as well as student assistants. In addition, the specialists have additional training in solution-focused counseling, family therapy, psychomotricity, experiential education, animal-assisted education and concentration training. In addition to these basic requirements, regular training and further education as well as supervision are important components of the work. Each educator is the contact person for individual children and their families within the framework of the "reference system".

In the afternoon, individual support sessions are held for the children. These are attended by the children over a period of several weeks.