Task profile teacher at the HWS

Each teacher at Hundertwasser School teaches and educates students based on the guidelines and curricula, individual support plans, and within the framework of this school with the goal of returning students to general education.

  • Orientation to the guidelines and curricula of the elementary school
  • Internal school curricula in all teaching subjects
  • Extended range of subjects and special offers
  • Teamwork and dual staffing as the basis for successful educational work
  • Special education support through effective relationship building and the teaching of
  • Competencies
  • Close cooperation with the legal guardians and all those involved in the support of a child.
  • Parties involved

Each teacher at Hundertwasser School diagnoses, evaluates, and assesses in the various areas of his or her practice.

In doing so, she/he is guided by the students' individual learning and developmental progress, a school's own assessment and evaluation concept, and established criteria for comparability with general schools.

  • the support needs of a child
  • his individual learning and development progress
  • the possibility of retraining
  • Observations
  • Surveys and questionnaires
  • Discussions with all stakeholders
  • Standardized test procedures
  • Performance reviews (tests, work results,...)
  • Review and evaluation of reports from other institutions

Every teacher at the Hundertwasser School cares for, accompanies, and supervises students with a focus on care, safety, and attention.

  • Caring and accompanying means:
  • Being there
  • Appreciate
  • Show empathy
  • Offer help
  • Mediate
  • Act actively: be present, de-escalate, limit, regulate, draw consequences
  • Assume responsibility
  • Make decisions

Every teacher at the Hundertwasser School cooperates with and consults all persons and institutions involved in the support of a child.

  • Pupils
  • Parents
  • Colleagues in the school team
  • Colleagues in the OG team of the Social Pedagogical Day Care (STB)
  • Colleagues from regular schools (P/ SI)
  • Colleagues from special schools
  • Educators
  • External specialists
  • the development of a coordinated support concept
  • and the mutual exchange of competencies

Every teacher at the Hundertwasser School takes on tasks in the areas of organizing, managing and documenting.

  • the KESS talks with children, parents and STBs
  • the AO-SF dates
  • the appointments within the framework of outpatient care
  • the team internal substitutions
  • Parents' evenings and information events
  • Hiking days, excursions and the annual "Social Training Weeks
  • Class and school parties
  • the regulation of damages in the recovery of damages
  • the orders from the school budget for teaching and learning materials and for
  • the equipment of the school
  • All documented student performance
  • the support plan file
  • class-owned funds
  • project-related funds
  • AO-SF Expert opinion
  • Promotion Plans
  • Development reports
  • Classbooks
  • Work plans for the school's own curricula
  • Testimonials
  • Reports on the change of the funding focus and/or the funding location
  • Back-to-school reports
  • Disciplinary measures/educational influence (SchG § 53)
  • Cash book

Every teacher at the Hundertwasser School works innovatively by examining new ideas, collaborating with others to bring them into the school team, and implementing these ideas with dedication.

Every teacher of the Hundertwasser School takes part in qualification measures with regard to his or her own professionalization and with regard to the quality development of the Hundertwasser School and brings the qualifications gained into school development processes.

Each teacher of the Hundertwasser School evaluates essential areas of his/her work within the quality development of the Hundertwasser School on the basis of criteria with the aim of continuous improvement of the work.