Children's Conference (KIKO)

The children's conference of the Hundertwasser School always takes place on the last school day before each vacation: that is, four times this school year. One class is always responsible for the preparation, the decoration of the forum and the moderation. All classes of the school contribute to the program. There is singing, birthdays are celebrated, one or the other class performance takes place and last but not least all children are eagerly waiting for the solution of the KIKO riddle.

Our autumn Kiko this year was a special Kiko, because it took place outside for the first time. All the children and all the adults sat in a semicircle around the construction trailer and followed the events on stage. The performance of the girls' group with the sock theater was very successful. I will report about the project "School garden beautification" from the action Culture and school after the vacations with a small report and photos. The presentation of Mrs. Pohlmann and the puppet without a name (Mrs. Bohlen) was especially great. The school ghost Kasimir also played a role. The audience - all the students, the teachers and the staff of the all-day school - were enthusiastic and applauded loudly. It was nice that everyone sang along so vigorously.

You can see the pictures of the autumn Kiko here: