The concept: impact-oriented cooperation between schools and youth welfare services

The objectives of the cooperation project "Open All-Day with a Social Pedagogical Focus" are set out in an impact agreement between the Department of Family and Social Affairs and the SPI as the measure provider. This impact-oriented agreement of the two contractual partners is co-signed by the principal of the Hundertwasser School.

 All Support services in school and all-day activities serve to build social and emotional competencies as well as to stabilize the personality of the students of the Hundertwasser School with the aim of:

The family system is capable of education 

The children are emotionally stable.

  • the children feel comfortable at school and in the open all-day program
  • and that parents cooperate appropriately in school and open all-day programs.
  • The educational needs of 80% the pupils of the Hundertwasser School (including their parents) are covered by the services of the measure provider. Educational assistance in this sense are the assistance of the SGB VIII.
  • 90% of parents whose children have already been in the social pedagogical day care of the open all-day program for at least 1 year cooperate appropriately in school and all-day program from the point of view of the school and youth welfare services.
  • 90% of children in STB of open all-day feel comfortable or very comfortable in school and all-day from the perspective of school and youth services.
  • the performance of the STB is regularly recorded and presented statistically 
  • as well as the additional youth welfare services provided by the Family and Social Affairs department.
  • the assessments of the teachers, social pedagogues and the students are regularly collected
  • An annual report is submitted by the STB on its activities, findings on impact relationships, and levels of achievement on impact targets
  • a quality meeting is held annually at management level.
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